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Mountain Hardwoods

Beautiful, rich American timbers, amazing workshops with master craftsmen, an eye for design with a focus on detail; that's Mountain Hardwoods. With workmanship and raw material that others can only dream of, there are a host of reasons why so many clients choose Mountain Hardwoods to make the finishing detail for their kitchen.

We don't just 'supply' worktops, we truly help clients achieve their dream kitchen by always putting their wants and desires to the fore. Our focus is, and always will be, what more can we do for the client?

Obviously you need to know we've done all the important preparation - choosing the right timbers, the right worktop manufacturers, the right oils and accessories, we could go on – that's all a given. But what you really need to know is just how good we really are. That's why, if you are in any doubt, we urge you to buy a worktop sample. For just £4.95 we send you a sample which immediately tells its own story. It costs us a lot more than that just to even post it, but that's how confident we are that our product is head and shoulders above the rest.

On the practical side, Mountain Hardwoods supply the finest hardwood kitchen worktops available today. We know this because we have been to over one hundred wooden worktop manufacturers over the last five years, and none gets anywhere close to our supplier. The quality of raw materials – American White Oak, Black Walnut and Glacial Maple - are just the most stunning examples of their species anywhere in the world. But that's only the beginning of the story for actually manufacturing a wooden worktop. To make a wooden kitchen worktop you need to know exactly what you are doing, and you must decide if your focus is cheap wooden worktops or quality wooden worktops. Because the two are most definitely mutually exclusive. There are only two wooden worktop suppliers in the world who focus on quality. Both are in a different league to the mass market, and whilst we do deal with both, we definitely have our favourite.

We customise all of our wooden worktops to almost any size. We have made Oak worktops over 6 metres in length, and some wooden worktops over 2 metres wide. Our workshops are equipped with some of the finest equipment in the wood working world, before we even think about our most prized assets; our craftsmen. Dedicated master bench cabinet makers, they are the real heroes of your wooden worktop. We can produce Walnut worktops with the most incredible curves that are so stunning it's impossible to stop yourself from gently running your hands over it.

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