About Us

Manufacture. Design. Detail.

Mountain Hardwoods is all about the detail. Details which will make all the difference in your kitchen. Traditionally a trade supplier, we have been dealing with end clients more and more in the last few years. Not surprisingly, it has been working out very well for all concerned; over half our new clients are referrals. Although we can buy worktops from any source, we have been lucky enough to secure the only UK distributorship from the world’s top worktop manufacturer – the results are truly fabulous. From our small (there are only five cabinet makers) but perfectly formed workshop, we can create an almost unlimited array of shapes and sizes. Although we specialize in worktops, we also create fabulous tables, furniture, architectural joinery and free standing kitchen furniture. We know you want the best for your kitchen but HAVE to get value for money – well, we urge you to get a sample and get us to give you a quote. From standard sizes to fully bespoke cut, you will be amazed at the value. Not to be confused with cheap – we are talking about the most beautiful Appalachian timbers – rich black American walnut, delicately grained American white oak stronger than any other, or perhaps super smooth maple, the original butcher’s choice for chopping. Yet for similar prices as cheap imported worktops from China and the East. If you are serious about your kitchen, you need to be very serious where you buy your worktops from. You’ve come to the right place.

How we work.

The first contact is usually by phone or email – up to you. Clients always have lots of questions, and rightly so. We usually ask for a plan of the kitchen just so we can ask our designers to have a look – no charge of course – just to make sure the worktops will work with the position of the sink(s), hob and general orientation of the worktops with respect to light. From this we can give you a detailed quote; unlike certain other suppliers, we don’t push our services on you – you are welcome to buy just the blank worktops, cut to size, the full works or anything in-between. If the quote works for you, then we process the order and book in a delivery date there and then. We use a specialist dedicated transport company not couriers. They collect your worktops and then delivery them on the same van, all wrapped up in blankets. Friendly drivers, an approximate time of arrival and the ability for the drivers to call you half an hour before delivery; no sitting around all day waiting. It’s all about service.

What about the product?

Our supplier is located in America and exclusively uses Appalachian hardwoods from New England. They make just the most beautiful worktops from the very best Oak, Walnut and Maple. If you can imagine always wanting to touch the worktops as they are so rich in colour and grain, then you can understand why it’s simply not worth buying anything less than the very best. They make such a point about the way they choose their timber and process it, that they stand head and shoulders above any other. Every month (although it seems like every week all of sudden) we get a couple of suppliers knocking on our door, and every month a couple of disappointed salesmen can’t get anywhere near the quality we already have. It seems like there are an awful lot of trade worktop sellers and manufactures out there who compete on price and nothing else. We buy direct from the best manufacturer we have found; according to our cabinet makers it can’t be made any better. Buying timber is best left to the real experts who work with it day in, day out, so that’s what we did!

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