Mountain Hardwoods: Forest stewardship council

It is incredibly vital for Mountain Hardwoods to be aware of the source that our timber comes from as, trees are a key source that help sustains the well-being of this planet. Since Mountain hardwoods does not personally cut down timber, we have researched into depth to confirm and find the best qualified suppliers to ensure that they are renewable and will always maintain renewable sources.

Making the timber renewable means, every tree will be replanted to ensure that the source of timber may remain, ensuring that the forests can produce in large number, so that are able to maintain and sustain the ecosystem. The species of timber must meet the ten principles of the organisation to be considered and protected.

The ten principles are as follows:

  • The forestation must abide by the law international treaties and agreements of the country which they reside in.
  • Documentation of the long-term tenures and use rights to the land and forest resources must be kept in incredible detail.
  • Surrounding land, rights to property and resources must be recognised and respected. An understanding and respected area will allow the organisation and protection become smoother and easier for all near and far.
  • The management of the forest shall either remain or enhance during long-term social and economic well-being of forest workers and local communities.
  • Forest management operations shall encourage the efficient use of the forest’s multiple products and services to ensure economic viability and a wide range of environmental and social benefits.
  • It is vital to still be able to sustain the original ecosystem, while still being able to adapt after given biological resources such as soil and water.
  • A management plan shall be appropriately to scale, providing intense scripture of all updates and adjustments. All documents must be kept with a regular update and any necessary achievements must be stated clearly.
  • Monitoring shall be conducted appropriately to scale and the intensity of the forest. Management will take precaution and describe and note the condition of the forest such as the yields of the forest, chains of custody, management activities and their social and environmental impacts.
  • Management activities in an important values protected forest shall either maintain or enhance one or many attributes which may remain within the area. Such as an endangered species, define the areaWooden Branches and decision regarding conservation value forests shall always be taken into account and processed.
  • Keeping a regular plan of plantation is necessary, maintaining the documents will allow for the principles and criteria one to ten to be kept under strict control. Plantations can be provide both social and economic benefits, as well as a tribute to satisfying the world’s needs for forest products..

Here at Mountain Hardwoods we are proud to say we have the support of this council. Not only will it help us create your bespoke wooden products, it will help preserve the trees, the planet and most importantly all of us who live our daily lives.