When choosing your wooden kitchen worktop, Mountain Hardwoods finds that seeing is more efficient than dreaming. Therefore ten different worktop samples, in different styles can be produced to help you make the decision between the many timbers provided.

Each timber possesses a unique grain to the next, for example: maple – this is the palest, porcelain-like timber with a delicate wavy grain.
Then comparing it to Iroko: a rustic medium tone timber with a deep contrast of grains. So each sample leaves you with different impressions and here at Mountain Hardwoods we aim to please.

As well as standard worktop samplesend grain worktop samples are also available. An end grain is a selected pattern known as a block surface. There are eight different timbers with this beautiful style. Having this luxury style gives the advantage of a extraordinary grain, since there is multiple chunks of timber produced to help make up the classic end grain pattern, it then produces a mixed direction of grains which is breathtaking.