Final Design Touches To Your Bespoke Worktop

Wooden upstands add visual weight to the rear edge of your kitchen worktop, enhancing the connection between the worktop and the wall. They’re a must have for kitchens found in older homes where the walls may not be straight or corners which aren’t quite 90 degrees as upstands cover these quirks up, making the worktop run cleaner and more elegant. Our upstands are available in a variety of woods to match your worktop.


Our enticing array of edging styles offer many options in which to make your kitchen worktop unique. Our worktops come with square edges as standard, a clean and simple look. Pencil edging is our most popular option and softens the worktop in an unfussy way. We also offer Rounded, Chamfered and Bull Nose too, each have their merits and all provide a defining look whilst increasing the durability of your worktop. At Mountain Hardwoods, we are more than happy to craft custom edgings to your specifications if you had something else in mind!

Compliment the edging with radius corners to make a cohesive design throughout your worktop, or use a radius curve to simply round off a corner. You can specify your radius corners between 10mm to 200mm, although as a guide, 20mm just about removes the sharpness from the worktop and 40mm will produce a defined curve and is great for matching the internal corners of a Belfast sink.

Radius Curve

Matching the radius corners with your sink is easy with our worktop cut-outs. Whether undermount or overmount, traditional or contemporary, we can craft a sink cut-out that fits your chosen sink to the aerospace precision. For undermounted sinks, adding drainage grooves to your worktop makes washing up a whole lot easier.

Drainage Grooves

Drainage grooves channel the flow of excess water into your sink during washing up. Available on one side or both, they look stunning when paired with hot rods near to your cooker or your hob, which we can also produce cut-outs to your exact measurements.

Hot Rods

Matching the smooth, straight lines of our drainage grooves are solid, brushed steel hot rods that sit in recessed grooves. Measuring 300mm in length and 12mm in diameter, our metal hot rods act as a trivet for hot pans of all sizes. The rods are easy to remove and therefore easy to keep clean.

Since we’re talking about the cooking area of the kitchen, one might wonder how to protect a wooden kitchen worktop from the constant heat of a range cooker. Our hardwood end caps provide a sturdy heat barrier for your worktop, preventing damage to the timber such as drying, they also add a wonderfully defined look to the edges of your kitchen worktop.

End Panel

A beautiful, contemporary way to finish off the other end of your worktop is our 45 degree drop down mitred end panels, adding the final piece to the final design touches of your bespoke wood worktop.

Mitre Panel

Quite the list of options, but that is a reason that we are specialists in what we do! With this in mind, we are more than happy to guide you through it to get the hardwood haven you desire. Give us a design and we will make it happen.