Doing Our Bit For Responsible Manufacturing

Since trees are a key source to sustaining the well-being of this planet, we researched in-depth to ensure that our raw timber yards were full of only sustainably-sourced timber from properly managed and maintained forests.

FSC Saw Mill

Not only does this mean a greener form of manufacturing right from the start since every tree will be replanted, it also results in a better managed supply chain that produces only the finest furniture grade wood for our wood worktops and bespoke tables.

FSC Oak Worktop Island

To keep this standard this, our timber has to meet key principles from the Forest Certification Board to become classed as sustainably-sourced, here are a few:

  • International treaties, laws and agreements must be followed in relation to forestation.
  • Comprehensive documentation of any long-term tenures and rights to the land and forest resources.
  • The surrounding land, rights to property and resources must be recognised and understood as it is much easier to organise and protect the respected area.
  • The social and economic well-being of the forest workers and local communities must be kept the same and even enhanced during the management of the forest.
  • Forest management operations will efficiently use the forest’s products and services to ensure long-term viability economically, socially, and environmentally.
  • Sustaining the original ecosystem is paramount.
  • Keeping a regular plan of plantation is necessary. The management will take precaution, describing and noting the condition of the forest such as the yields of the forest, chains of custody, management activities and their social and environmental impacts.

Amish Timber

At Mountain Hardwoods we are proud to have all of our timber selected from FSC certified sources. Our three Amish saw mills supply us with the finest hardwoods due in part to their strict ethics and code which helps create a forestation practise that means sustainability, the environment and social issues are not a problem. We are so dedicated to perserving our environment that we even planted Oak trees outside our Hangar!

Oak Leaves in Norfolk