Creating A Bespoke Wooden Worktop

When you have ordered one of Oak, Walnut or other wooden worktops, our specialists input the dimensions into the design software that sends the files straight to our automated CNC machine, and once cut to millimetre tolerances, our expert joiners will begin the work to turn your kitchen worktop into a hardwood masterpiece.

Wooden Worktop CNC

This state-of-the-art machine has advanced our manufacturing to create completely unique worktops as all of the bespoke work is precisely machined, be it practical additions such as sink or hob cut-outs or drainage grooves, or style based changes such as large curves or butt joins. You can see more of our bespoke work here.

Having taken its shape, the wooden worktop is then taken to the finishing room to receive a check over before receiving a final sanding for a glass-like smooth and even surface.

Sanding Oak Worktop

The next vital step in our process is pre-installation oiling, where our experts are on-hand to ensure the worktop has an even, strong and stunning finish. The oil not only thoroughly protects the worktop, it provides a beautiful patina that brings out the gorgeous colour and grain of our fine sustainably-sourced timbers.

Worktop Oiling

All of our finishing is by hand by one of our expert joiners as their industry-leading experience and knowledge results in every detail on the worktop being perfect. We finish our worktops this way because it means you receive your wooden kitchen worktop that can be installed straight away without any fuss.

Oak Worktop