Mountain Hardwoods: Forest stewardship council

It is incredibly vital for Mountain Hardwoods to be aware of the source that our timber comes from as, trees are a key source that help sustains the well-being of this planet. Since Mountain hardwoods does not personally cut down timber, we have researched into depth to confirm and find the best qualified suppliers to ensure that they are renewable and will always maintain renewable sources.

Making the timber renewable means, every tree will be replanted to ensure that the source of timber may remain, ensuring that the forests can produce in large number, so that are able to maintain and sustain the ecosystem. The species of timber must meet the ten principles of the organisation to be considered and protected.

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The easy road to repairing your wooden worktop

Wooden Worktop
Last Saturday I woke at a friend’s house feeling rather lethargic and not quite so together – self-inflicted from a late night – my hair was a mess and I looked quite the character in my red reindeer pyjama bottoms (they’re my partners so no judging please!). I walked out onto the landing and came face to face with my friend who looked pretty similar to myself! “Tea?!” We mumbled at each other and with a mutual nod we staggered on down the stairs. Kettle boiled and brew in hand we started to feel, and look, a little more human. Thoughts turned to our rumbling stomachs and the decision to make scrambled eggs on toast was a no brainer. Ten minutes later all was cooked so I laid the table as she served it onto our dishes. Next thing I know she shouts out in anger – She had placed her hot pan onto her wooden worktop and now, somehow, there was a rather large unsightly mark. Panic stricken she looked at me and wondered what on earth she was going to do. Her lack of knowledge left me wondering about others who have this or similar heart stopping moments and feel clueless as to what to do. In a bid to empower us all for any future ‘mishaps’ I thought I would share some remedies to these occurrence’s that, let’s face it, can’t always be helped….

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How to order a bespoke wooden worktop

You’ve Decided To Invest In A New Kitchen Worktop, But Now What?

Wooden oak worktopFirstly, congratulations! You’ve finally made the decision that you will treat yourself to the kitchen that you have desired for what feels like an eternity. It was an arduous conclusion to come to but now, at last, you are able to indulge feelings of excitement and creativity; well, until that moment when you realise that you are now faced with the daunting prospect of more, apparently, difficult decisions. Well, worry not, I am here to help.

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Beaming Wooden Oak Worktops

Timber comes in all different shades, shapes and sizes. Mountain hardwoods provides five different timbers of which are split into light and dark. Doing this helps stress the individuality of each type making it easier for you to confirm your choice.

To begin with American white oak worktops are sourced from the Northern Appalachian Mountains. The oak is extremely durable and possesses a beautiful tight grain structure. Oak worktops work immaculately in a traditional setting especially when matched with oak knobs that we can supply. There are three styles which Mountain Hardwoods offer with this oak, each unique and inviting.

Wooden Oak Worktop

40mm worktops: There are many shorter planks which are selected and inserted together to make up this style, there are many joints so that the staves are able to be as wide as possible whilst still keeping it together. Having this lovely worktop has its advantages, worktops can contain many different grains, depending on the amount of different planks used, that way there is greater and a wider range of texture and adds character.

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