Kitchen Worktops

Whilst most worktop retailers simply focus on the kitchen worktops they are selling, Mountain Hardwoods looks at the issue from the other direction – what do clients actually want? Years of experience designing and crafting wooden furniture pieces led us to set up our own highly focused, state-of-the-art joinery workshop. Our focus is simply to provide what clients’ want; a beautiful finish to their kitchen with the most amazing bespoke kitchen worktops. Our craftsmen provide our kitchen worktops with a lovely smooth finish, and can expertly add an enticing array of bespoke detailing if requested.

Mountain Hardwoods make a number of kitchen worktops, all, as you might expect from the most beautiful and luxurious hardwoods. From Appalachian Oak to African Iroko, we have a variety of distinctive timbers that offer timeless elegance for your home.

Clients choose Mountain Hardwoods for their kitchen worktops not just because they want the best craftsmen or the richness and warmth of our timber, but because of the service we provide right from the start. Is it the right timber for the kitchen? Which way should the grain run to establish the best aspect of the timber? Can the kitchen worktop work in that configuration with an under mounted sink – if not, what can we do about it to make it work? Not the sort of questions you usually ask of a straight forward kitchen worktop supplier, but questions we are happy to answer.

Why? Because choosing the right kitchen worktop is essential to getting the finishing detail right for your kitchen. We believe in making kitchen worktops to last and buying a quality product which looks great and performs for years. It is the only real way to get real value for money.

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