end grain chopping boards

End Grain Chopping Boards

End Grain Chopping Boards, available in Oak, Walnut and Maple, are the perfect accessories to your wooden kitchen worktops. Wooden End Grain Chopping Boards are extremely hardwearing, but won't dull your knives. Due to their large size and durability they also make a great area for standing hot pans.

We can produce chopping boards to any size, however due to popular demand we have stock Oak and Walnut chopping boards of the following dimensions: 610mm x 510mm x 60mm deep, an ideal size for a large variety of uses. They arrive ready to be used with an oiled finish.

If you would like a chopping board made to custom dimensions then we can produce these hand made to order.

oak end grain chopping board
Oak End Grain Chopping Board   £245
walnut end grain chopping board
Walnut End Grain Chopping Board   £280

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