wooden dining table

Wooden Kitchen Dining Tables

Solid wooden tables for use as kitchen or dining tables. Made from solid Oak, Walnut, Maple or Cherry hardwoods, our wooden tables can be custom made to your exact sizes.

Our bespoke wooden tables come fully finished with bolt on legs for easy transportation. Our wooden tables are constructed from the same beautiful timber used in our wooden worktops. Our solid wooden tables can be designed to match your wooden worktops with details such as curved edging and radius corners. Our wooden dining tables come with an oiled finish, making them very hardwearing and durable, ideally suited to a kitchen environment. Custom made wooden tables, built to any size.

Our Oak tables are incredibly hardwearing and look great as a kitchen table or free standing work area giving extra worktop space. Our walnut tables are beautiful, with a dark, rich grain structure perfect for a dining room or simply to match your walnut worktops. Maple tables are great where lack of light is an issue. Pale in appearance with a beautifully rich grain pattern, they provide a great contrast to darker furniture or decor. Our Cherry tables have an incredible range of colours and patterns, creating a lovely centre point for your kitchen or dining room.

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