Iroko Worktops

All of our worktops are fully bespoke, made to order, to your exact size and requirements. Please use our Quote Calculator for pricing of any custom sized wooden worktops, alternatively feel free to call us to discuss any requirements you have.

You may be able to buy cheaper Iroko worktops, but we urge you to compare samples first. You will really see the difference it makes, versus lesser quality alternatives, when you buy top grade, properly selected and colour matched Iroko. The small difference in price really does create a huge leap in quality.

With a range of 4 different styles to choose from, you can be sure to find an Iroko worktop that meets both your desired style and budget.

Order a Sample

iroko worktop sample
Iroko Worktop Sample

Custom Worktop Quote Calculator

Oak 40mm
Oak 60mm
Oak 90mm
Oak single stave

Length: 3000mm
Width: 640mm
Oiling: No
Oiling Service

All of our prices include VAT.

Please note that all orders will be processed to the nearest millimetre. Imperial measurements are calculated at 1 inch = 25.4mm.

About Our Iroko

We have always been asked if we can provide Iroko worktops. Although we rarely say no to customer requests, in the instance of Iroko we have always had to. The reason for this is simple: We are committed to only sourcing our timber from renewable sources. As there were no certified sources of Iroko this meant, reluctantly, we had to let our customers go to competitors who were prepared to source their timber from non-renewable sources. However, a well-managed source of Iroko has now become available and this is certified. As we can now obtain the timber from a certified supplier we are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide Iroko worktops. We are the only worktop supplier in the UK to manufacture our Iroko worktops from this source.

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